Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthday, Poetry, and Flowers

It was a busy week for our family.

Jelly Bean's first birthday (on Tuesday) was so much fun. She loved all her toys and her first taste of cake. :-)

We also went to a poetry reading at Super Guy's school on Tuesday. All the kids in his class got up on stage and read 2 poems they wrote. It was so cute!

One little boy wrote a poem about girls, :-) it went something like this.. "Girls are nice, Girls are cool, Girls are funny, Girls are my favorite"... lol, how sweet, right?!

Some of the other poems were about ice cream, star wars, hockey, pockets, friends and their teacher.

Super Guy's first poem was about his friend Adam and his other poem was about friends. :-)

I was so proud of Super Guy, for getting up there and reading (very clearly) his poems for the entire room. That's something i could never do.

Yesterday i was so surprised when i got a delivery of Flowers!!

It is so HUGE!!

Aren't they Pretty?!!

I have the best Hubby ever!!! (Thanks again babe!!)

We had a great week and next week should be just as great! It is going to be Super Guy's last week in First Grade!! :-( I can't believe how fast that went by!!!

I'm really looking forward to this summer though, our first summer here in North Dakota. Hopefully we will be able to explore more around here!

6 year old jokes

Super Guy: Mommy spell "up" backwards.

Me: P-U.

Super Guy: (Laughing out loud) get it?


He is always telling silly jokes or riddles.. :-)

4 year olds say the weirdest things, part 2

Boogie Man: Mommy my foot hurts sooo bad.

Me: Aww, what happened?

Boogie Man: I was sleeping and then i woke up and a Bee killed me on my foot. It hurt really really bad.


Lol, where does he come up with this stuff?!?! :-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Photos

She just wanted to sit on top of it, not open it.

And then she started clapping, lol..

Opening her new toy purse..  :-)

Look at that beautiful face, :-)

"Reading" the card that her Grandma & Grandpa sent.. (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa)

Her presents from her Auntie & Uncle.. She absolutely LOVES the doll they sent her.. (Thanks Auntie & Uncle)

See what i mean, she couldn't even wait for it to come out of the package before she attacked it with kisses, lol

Aww, more and more kisses.. :-)

Blowing out the candle..

Mmm, cake!   :-) She loved the cake.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1 year Photo's

Isn't She Cute?!!

Serious Face..  :-)

Getting so Big!! Standing up all by herself!! (Yeah Daddy is behind her, just in case)

She LOVES being outside!! (That's why she isn't smiling in most of the pictures, she was so distracted by everything around her)

More Pictures Coming Soon!!!!!!

Jelly Bean's First Birthday!!!

Today my baby girl turns 1 year old...

How did that happen?!!

Time just flew by..

In the blink of an eye my baby went from this...

To this....

Over the past year she had many firsts:

First bath (she hated it), first word (mama), first time rolling over, first time crawling, first tooth, first food, first boo-boo, & first steps...

It's been so much fun watching her grow & discover, over the past year.

And I'm sure over the next year will bring even more firsts and i can't wait to be there for all of them!! :-)


Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!!!!!!

We love you so much, you have brought so much love & joy to our family!!

*12 Months Old*

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Super Guy made me some Beautiful flowers in school for Mother's Day..

Aren't they pretty?! He also made a card to go along with them..

It says "Mom" on the outside..

And on the inside it says:

"Dear Mom,

I love you because you are so special to me. I love you so so soo much.

Love Super Guy"

Awww, Isn't he so sweet?!!

I hope all the Mom's out there have a wonderful Mother's Day!!   :-)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble...

Before all my health issues occurred i caught Jelly Bean in the middle of causing trouble.

Caught in the act.

Healing Process

 It's amazing how one day you are completely normal and healthy, and then the next day you are in intense pain and in the ER.

That's what happened to me last week. Tuesday i was normal (except for the lack of appetite) and then Wednesday morning woke up with extreme stomach pain. I tried so hard to make it through the day, even though, my stomach was hurting so bad, i had a fever, diarrhea, was feeling like throwing up and i had no appetite at all, I didn't eat anything all day.

My Hubby picked Super Guy up from school and then took me to the ER.

We had to wait for at least an hour before i was seen by a nurse. They took blood and a urine sample. Then they admitted me into a room in the ER and i was put on an IV. Through the IV they administered nausea medicine and pain medicine.

The pain medicine was strong, to say the least. It instantly kicked in and i felt like my head was going to explode and then i couldn't see straight, everything was moving. The best way i can describe it, is to imagine a slot machine, you know how they spin and spin and spin.. That's what it was like, everything was spinning like that. It lasted about 10 minutes.

After the spinning affect, came the floating. I felt like everything in the room around me was being lowered i was rising. The floating lasted a lot longer, about an hour.

During that time i was seen by a doctor and he ordered the CT Scan. I was wheel-chaired to the room where they do their scans, and then i was put through the machine several times and then i was given iodine through my IV and i was put through the machine several more times.

After that i was brought back to the ER room and had to wait for results.

I snapped this photo on my phone while waiting...

After about an hour i was told i had elevated white blood cell count, inflammation, and fluid in my lower right side abdomen. They wanted me to stay overnight. So i did.

During the night and into the morning, i was running almost a 102 degree fever.

That day i got more answers, it turns out i had an ovarian cyst rupture. The doctor met with me in the morning to tell me this and then he said because of my high fever they would probably want to keep me another night, i asked if there was anyway i could be discharged that day and he said only if we got my fever down and it stayed down for awhile. Then he said he would be back to check on me around 5.

So all day long i waited and my fever had dropped, i was now about 98-99.

 5 o'clock rolled around and the doctor was back, he wanted me to stay another night just because my fever had been so high the previous night and into the morning, but i begged him (since my fever had been down almost all day) for him to let me go home. He agreed and i was sent home. Yay!!

The celebration was short lived, as soon as i stepped inside the house, my fever came back. I spent the weekend pretty much in pain.

It's now been a week since all this started, and I'm starting to heal. I'm not 100% yet, i still have no appetite, and my stomach still hurts, I know this healing process is going to be slow, but i am hoping to return to normal someday.