Monday, March 31, 2008

Cute Stories

Cute Things Super Guy is Doing/Saying:

1. On Sunday night Boogie Man wouldn't stop crying while Hubby was holding him. Me and Super Guy were sitting on the couch together while the crying was going on. So Hubby gets up and puts Boogie Man in his bassinet and pushes it towards the wall and tells Boogie Man he is in Time Out. (Hubby was just joking). Super Guy started crying and was yelling at him not to put his brother in Time Out. What a great big brother! It was so cute!

2. On Monday Super Guy came up to me and told me "TSM that spells my name". It was so cute because of the look on his face, like he just spelled his name for the fist time. He was so proud of himself.

3. Monday night Super Guy was in Time out so i went to go get him. Normally after he says Sorry and we have a talk i give him a hug. This time i tell him Big Squeeze, so he hugs me hard and i fall to the ground (just joking with him, like he did it too hard) and he puts one hand on me and then counts to 3. You know like how they do it in wrestling. It was so cute!

4. Wednesday we went to the grocery store. Boogie Man was riding in the cart and Super Guy was walking holding my hand. We went down this one aisle and there was this little girl with her mom, she was maybe about 4 years old, she was smiling at Super Guy and trying to play peekaboo with him. Super Guy started to hide behind me and his face was all red. Finally he said to me "Mommy hold me". It was so sweet! I have never seen him get so shy before.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recent photos of Boogie Man

I took these photos a couple of days ago. Doesn't he look so peaceful? If only he were like this all the time. lol. No, he is a pretty good baby, he is starting to sleep more through the night and he is starting to be more awake during the day.
He really likes to be held most of the time and he likes it when i walk with him around the house and show him everything. I call it "the tour", which lasts about 2 minutes because our house is so tiny. lol. Anything to keep him entertained, right?! :)

Recent photos of Super Guy

This first picture is of my Hubby and Super Guy maybe 2 weeks ago when we were out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The second and third pictures are of Super Guy eating lunch about 1 week ago (I think on that day i was taking pictures of Boogie Man and so Super Guy wanted me to take a picture of him too, so i did). :) The last picture is of Super Guy sleeping in the car, it was taken last weekend.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boogie Man and Super Guy newborn photos

This first picture is of Boogie Man at about 1 week old. The second picture is of Super Guy at about 1 week old. Look at all of that hair on Super Guy! I forgot how much hair he had! Wow! It is so crazy to look at these photos and see how different they look from each other and how much Super Guy has changed.

Super Guy on Christmas 2007

My Hubby and I bought this Truck for Super Guy. It was designed to look like a Ford F-150 (just like his dad's truck), but the next day after Christmas he was calling it a Toyota. :)

Super Guy and Me 1 year ago!

These photos were taken at the beginning of March 2007.

Dasean 3-29-08

Today Dasean finally smiled at me for the first time. It was so cute too! It was definitely worth the wait!!