Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Update 1

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all are doing ok! Things have been pretty good around here, busy, but that's what happens when you have a 3 year old and 1 year old.

Speaking of the kids, they are both doing great. Super Guy is looking forward to going to preschool in the fall. He says he wants to have 3 friends when he goes to school.. lol.. He is so creative and funny. He also loves going to work with his Dad, he even has his own set of tools now. He wants to be just like his Daddy. It is so sweet.

Boogie Man on the other hand, doesn't want to leave my side. Throughout the day he will come up to me and want me to hold him. Once i pick him up he rests his head on my chest or shoulder, it so sweet. He loves his Mommy.

He also loves the Barney Song, when we sing it to him he starts dancing. Then once the song is over, he starts to sing it with his own special baby language.

Boogie Man has also started to give high fives.. He will let you know that he wants to give a high five, by clapping his hands together..

They are just doing great, they both amaze me everyday. I feel so blessed to have 2 healthy, beautiful boys.

As for Hubby and me, we are doing good. We are both looking forward to warmer weather, we have had enough of the snow.

Oh, Hubby;s brother in law (Armando) is going in for surgery on the 2nd of April, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Well that is all that i can think of right now, i will update if anything else happens.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Boogie Man's First Haircut

On February 22nd (day after his first birthday) we gave Boogie Man his first haircut. My baby is growing up! I saved all the of his hair, just like i did with his brother.

Look at all his hair!

He wasn't happy at all.

After pic! LOL, look at that crazy face he is making. No more baby face :(