Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Love Muffin!!!

God, i love her soooooooo MUCH!!!!

Look at those chubby cheeks!!!

She is my little love muffin!! :) (the boys call her sweet pea)

My newest obsession!

It all started about 3 weeks ago, i was watching a marathon of Extreme Couponing on TLC, and i thought to myself "if they can save their families money by couponing, why can't i?".

It was a Sunday, so i went and bought the newspaper, and started clipping coupons. I also went online and found The Krazy Coupon Lady (KCL). That site makes it so easy to coupon, they tell you which coupons you should use & where to use them at. With the help of KCL i've gotten several items for free (like toothpaste and febreze products) and several other products for really low prices (like laundry detergent for 2.99)!

I don't think i'm going to stop anytime soon, i love that i am helping my family out by saving us money. Especially in these difficult times, it feels really good that i can contribute!

Everything in this photo was FREE!!! These are just a few of the thing i have gotten for free!! :)

Here are just a few things i have gotten for really low prices, the laundry detergent was $2.99 each and the Spic and Span was $0.47 each!!!

Sad day

So not only did my hubby leave today, but today is 9/11, so already it is a pretty sad day.. Especially with all the news coverage.. :( It's been 10 years, but watching the events of that day, is still so heartbreaking! :(
My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone on this day! They are in my thoughts and prayers!