Thursday, January 19, 2012

extreme cold warning!!!!!!!

Greetings from North Dakota!

We arrived here Tuesday Dec 27th after a 16 hour car drive. Which was no picnic with 3 small kiddos, but we all survived.

It's really different here, because all the businesses here are so busy they really don't care about you. I'm not used to that I miss all the friendly faces back in Idaho!!!

It's also been hard to adjust to the cold, Wednesday & Thursday we had an extreme cold warning here, I didn't even know that existed!!!! The wind chill temp here was - 50. I refused to even leave the house on those days.

The house we are staying in has all hardwood floors, the kids love it, they slide all over! :)

Speaking of the kids, they are doing great! Super Guy is loving his new teacher. Boogie Man loves that his daddy comes home every night. And Jelly Bean is teething, I can see the top of a tooth coming in!!

I'll try to post some picture's soon!