Thursday, March 29, 2012

Police, Customers, and a Bloody Nose (In other words your typical Thursday)

The Title of this post says it all...

My morning started, at about 8 this morning, with my door bell ringing and banging on the door.. It was the Police, wanting to know if anyone in my house had called 9-1-1.. I said no and the police officer informed me that someone either here or next door called 9-1-1 from a non-working cell phone.. Anyways they left i went about my morning..

Today, is day 2 that Boogie Man has been talking about customers... I don't know why... but yesterday he was laying his blankets out on the couch and i asked him what he is doing, to which he responded "I'm getting ready for the customers"... Weird right?! Then today i told Boogie Man i needed to give Jelly Bean some medicine before we go out to the store, to which he responded "the customers won't like that"... Even Weirder right?!

Anyways we continued with our day....

Then this evening as i am making dinner Boogie Man comes running to me and crying and blood dripping down his nose... He banged his nose on Super Guy's head... :(

Yep, just your typical Thursday in our family... (I can't wait for the weekend)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Growing up in a city like Ketchikan in Alaska, I would never see horses or cows. So whenever my family would go on vacation to Idaho, seeing horses & cows was very special and exciting!

I remember me and my sisters would always point out everyone we saw.

So now with my kids (even though they don't live in a place like Ketchikan & they see horses and cows all the time) i point out every cow and horse i see.

They really don't care, its not something special to them, like it was to me, but i do it anyways.

And i think the main reason i do it is because i am a HUGE animal lover and i really want them to be one too!

That's why, when Boogie Man, came up to me after watching a cat commercial and said:

"I wish i could buy that cat and i would share all my cars with him"

It touched my heart so much more than i could ever express. (especially since he wont even share his cars with his baby sister)

Maybe *Just Maybe* I've turned my son into an animal lover too! :)

So I'll continue to point out every horse, cow, chicken, cat or dog to my kids.

**In case you were curious as to which cat commercial he saw, i have included it in this post**

***On Another Note: I'm deathly allergic to cats, so we wont be adopting this one or any other one anytime soon ***(Sorry Boogie Man)

Jelly Bean "Talking"

Starting, about a week ago, Jelly Bean tries really hard to talk, especially about toys or something she really likes or wants.. She loves to point at objects and "talks" about them.

Over the weekend, during dinner, her Daddy gave her one of Boogie Man's cups filled with a little bit of water and she LOVED It...

Notice at the end of the video, how she is pointing at it and "talking" at the same time...

I'm thinking it's time for her to have a Big Girl cup :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slow week....

It has been awhile since I've last update the blog, and that's because i have been without reliable Internet.. But on Wednesday afternoon i received our new Internet device :)

So now I'm able to update once again, however this week was pretty slow for our family, so not much to report...

On Thursday though, i did capture these TOO CUTE photos of Jelly Bean :)

Adorable right?!
Anyways, this past week was really nice here in Williston (it was in the 70's all week), but this weekend we have cooled down into the 50's - 60's with lots of cloud coverage and wind, so we will probably be spending most of the weekend indoors.
Have a great weekend Everyone!!

*10 Months Old*

Friday, March 2, 2012

How to clean your ear....

As you might know, we have been battling colds here at our house for the past month... Super Guy would bring home one cold, we all would get it and then 2 weeks later he would bring home another..

Anyways, with this last cold he brought home, it came along with an ear ache...

Super Guy got over the cold and passed it right along to Boogie Man...

Boogie Man was complaining to me that his ear hurt and he needed to go clean it out..

I said ok.. And off he went to the bathroom to clean out his ear..

Apparently this is how you are supposed to clean out your ear, according to a 4 year old...

Grab a towel, get it completely soaking wet and rub it on your ear..

Make sure you keep it on there for a little while..
Ta-Da.. Clean Ear! :)
*His Ear is now feeling much better, although im not sure the 'cleaning' really helped.. *

Introducing Mr. Turtle.....

Jelly Bean has made a new friend, his name is.... (Yep you guessed it).... Mr. Turtle!!

She LOVES him!! Look at her giving Mr. Turtle kisses :)

Big Smiles :)
Playing with him
Isn't that so cute?!