Monday, April 30, 2012

Pink Eye Update

Remember last week when i posted about Super Guy having Pink Eye and how i was keeping my fingers crossed that no one else in our house gets it???

Well i wasn't just crossing my fingers, i was also taking action and cleaning everything in the house and washing all of Super Guy's blankets, pillowcases, etc.

But Pink Eye is STRONG..

Everyone ended up getting pink eye!!!

First was my Hubby, his eyes were itching so he started doing the eye drops before it got too bad... Which worked really well, he ended up not really getting it that strongly.

Then was Jelly Bean, her eyes were all gooey and pink and she was so sick with over 100 degree fever. She is feeling better today though.

Yesterday my eyes started to itch and get a little red, so i started doing the eye drops too. They seem to be helping. Other than a little bit of itchiness i feel good!

Boogie Man also started to feel sick around the same time as Jelly Bean, lots of coughing, high fever and the gooey pink eyes.. Today his eyes are so gooey that i keep having to clean them like every 10 minutes :-(

On a positive note, Super Guy is feeling much better and is at school again today after missing most of last week. He couldn't wait to get to school this morning!! He really missed his friends!! :-)

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