Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthday, Poetry, and Flowers

It was a busy week for our family.

Jelly Bean's first birthday (on Tuesday) was so much fun. She loved all her toys and her first taste of cake. :-)

We also went to a poetry reading at Super Guy's school on Tuesday. All the kids in his class got up on stage and read 2 poems they wrote. It was so cute!

One little boy wrote a poem about girls, :-) it went something like this.. "Girls are nice, Girls are cool, Girls are funny, Girls are my favorite"... lol, how sweet, right?!

Some of the other poems were about ice cream, star wars, hockey, pockets, friends and their teacher.

Super Guy's first poem was about his friend Adam and his other poem was about friends. :-)

I was so proud of Super Guy, for getting up there and reading (very clearly) his poems for the entire room. That's something i could never do.

Yesterday i was so surprised when i got a delivery of Flowers!!

It is so HUGE!!

Aren't they Pretty?!!

I have the best Hubby ever!!! (Thanks again babe!!)

We had a great week and next week should be just as great! It is going to be Super Guy's last week in First Grade!! :-( I can't believe how fast that went by!!!

I'm really looking forward to this summer though, our first summer here in North Dakota. Hopefully we will be able to explore more around here!

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