Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet the newest Fashionista!!

"I like to wear my brother's underwear, doesn't matter if they are dirty or clean!" - Jelly Bean

"Don't my Mommy's sunglasses look so good on me? I'm totally rockin' them!" - Jelly Bean

"My outfit just wasn't complete until i put on these beautiful bright turquoise fluffy socks."- Jelly Bean

I dont' know if it's just a girl thing (the boys never did this) or just a Jelly Bean thing, but if something is laying on the floor, it is fair game for her and you best believe, she is going to put it on. Some of the things I've caught her putting on are: Socks, Sunglasses, Boxers, Pull-up's (don't worry they weren't used), Belts, and a few other things..

But her need for putting on extra stuff doesn't just stop there, nope, even as I'm trying to dress Boogie Man she is right there trying to put her leg into his pants right along with him.  :-)

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