Friday, March 29, 2013

Up's and Down's

This week has been filled with many Up's and Down's.

One of the few Up's this week is that it's Super Guy's Spring Break!! So I've gotten to spend lots of time with him this week, which i love! :) He is such a fun guy to be with! And Jelly Bean is also enjoying this extra time with her biggest brother, she is constantly wanting him to help her instead of me! It's so cute!  :-)

One of the major Down's of this week is that my hubby left on Monday and he is going to miss Easter this year with our family. This is the first Easter in 10 years that we won't be together. I guess 1 out of 10 isn't so bad.. Hopefully next year we will be able to spend it together!

Hope everyone out there is having a good week!

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