Sunday, April 7, 2013

April in Idaho

Flowers blooming, grass growing, spontaneous rain storms; it must be April in Idaho. :-)

Today me and the kiddos went to Lowe's and bought some seeds and potting soil. We are going to grow our own herbs and tomatoes. We are all super excited about it!

While we were browsing the isles and deciding which seeds to get, we stumbled upon a Venus Fly Trap. Super Guy begged insisted we get one. So guess which family is the new proud owner of a Venus Fly Trap, yep that's right, this one right here!

I know, I know, you are so jealous right now...

I mean who wouldn't want this beautiful plant in their house?! Just look at it..

(Yes i was being sarcastic)
But if this plant makes my son happy, then i will have to get past the ugly look of them and just get used to the fact that there will be less flies around our house this summer! That's a Win/Win situation if you ask me! :-)

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