Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Frugal Tips

Hi Everyone!!

I thought since I do a lot of postings on coupons, i would share some of my tips for living frugally/saving money with you all.

1. Haircuts: We save a lot of money, by not going to the barbershop. Hubby cuts his own hair & the boys hair.

2. Recycle/Re-use: Containers that food comes in (sour cream, pickles, etc.) once they are empty we wash them and use the for other things; Like coin jars & pencil holders. We also save every piece of clothing the kids outgrow, to eventually use on future babies.

3. Coupons: This one is pretty obvious. We use a lot of coupons to save money on pretty much everything. Even if the coupon is just for $0.25 if you are going to buy that product why not save?! Every Penny Counts!!

Those are our big 3 ways we save money! How do you and your family save money?

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