Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Favorites

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Halloween is fast approaching, So I thought I would share with you some of Our Family's favorite Halloween Must Haves!!

Favorite Children's Movie:
Pooh's Heffalump Halloween - It is such a cute movie, my kids ask to watch it every year!! You can't go wrong with Winnie the Pooh, right?! If you are interested in adding it to your collection you can buy it HERE!

Favorite Children's Book:
The Berenstain Bears Trick Or Treat - I've loved the Berenstain Bears since I was a little girl, my kids just love this story. You can add it to your collection by buying it HERE!

Favorite Carving Kit:
Pumpkin Carving Kit by Pumpkin Masters - Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without carving pumpkins! Every year our family buy's this kit! It includes all the tools you need and great patterns to use!!! You can pretty much find this in every store around Halloween time, but if you like the ease of shopping online you can buy it HERE!

Favorite Candy:
Hershey's Candy Assortment - Just like Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without pumpkin carving, Halloween also wouldn't be Halloween without CANDY & LOTS OF IT!!! And in our family we are chocolate fanatics!! This assortment is our favorite, to get our fill of chocolate!! You can add it to your Halloween bowl this year, by buying it HERE!


Those are some of our favorite Halloween things, you can check out our complete Halloween store on Amazon HERE!

What are some of your favorite Halloween must haves??!!

A Week In Our Life

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've updated on how our lives are going (besides our homeschooling), so I thought I would take a few moments and update about what's been going on with all of us!

Last Thursday we drove all night to make it back home in time for the weekend. Hubby & me were exhausted, but it was worth it to spend a little bit of time at home & be able to visit with family. :-)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Learning Fun

It's been almost a month since we started school and we've done lots of different fun activities, I thought I would share a few of them with you today!

#1 - Toddler Activity: Bean Sorting

I saw this online somewhere, you put 2 different kinds of beans into one container and have your toddler sort them by color/bean into a cupcake pan.

We used Pinto & Black beans for this activity. I was surprised at how well she did with this, she picked it up fast. As you can tell from the pictures she kept all the black beans together and all the pinto beans together! :-)

This was a great activity and kept her entertained for awhile!

 #2 - Ages 4+ Activity: Play dough Alphabet Mats

I found this great recipe online for homemade play dough, it's easy to make and it keeps the kids entertained for hours, but the homeschooler in me wanted to make it educational at the same time. So I printed out these really awesome alphabet play dough mats!

The boys really enjoyed this activity! :-)

This Friday we are planning on doing some fun science activities, stay tuned!! :-)


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Target Clearance Finds

We went to Target the other day and I was super excited when I saw their back to school clearance section!! Check out some of my great finds at up to 70% off!!

Filler Paper: was $0.82 clearance price $0.17!

1 inch 3 Ring Binder: was $1.29 clearance price $0.38!

Children's Scissors: was $1.99 clearance price $0.58!

Pack of 20 ballpoint pens: was $1.00 clearance price $0.30!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tillamook OR - Our 10 Year Anniversary - Day 3

Tillamook OR - Day 3

After visiting the aquarium in Seaside we drove down to Tillamook to stay the night there. The next morning we visited the Cheese Factory there in Tillamook. I was pretty disappointed with the cheese factory as well. The self guided tour is super short and you don't really get to see any cheese being made in person, all you pretty much get to see is them packing up the cheese for shipment. The bright side is, the tour is free and we got to eat some yummy ice cream!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Begining To Read

My 5 year old has just started a wonderful journey, the journey of reading! :-)

We are starting out with learning sight words, his first 2 sight words were; a & the.

The other day I was watching the morning news and he says to me.. "look Mommy it says the" and he pointed to the TV! He also points out 'the' in all his books!

I love being able to see that excitement and sense of accomplishment on his face when he gets it! :-)

Along with all his other curriculum, I'm using This Reading Mama's Free Reading Curriculum! So far, both of us are enjoying it!

Included in the curriculum is lesson plans, sight word books, sight word mazes, etc.

He really loves the mazes and books; and I really love how little is required for me to do, it's basically just a print and go curriculum, LOVE THAT!! :-)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seaside OR - Our 10 Year Anniversary - Day 2

Day 2 - Seaside, OR

We just stopped in Seaside to visit the Aquarium there, we then drove on to Tillamook to stay the night. So here are some pictures of our quick trip to the aquarium. (*side note: we actually were planning on staying in Seaside, but there were NO hotels available & after driving around checking out the town, we really didn't like it; it was WAY TOO crowded.*) (**Another Side Note: Don't waste your Time or Money by going to this aquarium, its super tiny & I personally believe it was a waste of $20!!**)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Remember 9/11

Yesterday I printed out some great worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers about 9/11. The pack of printables was called We Remember 911 for Little Learners, it includes writing & coloring pages.

Jelly Bean & Me did the coloring pages together, while both of the boys did a writing page.

The writing pages have a heading of 'You Are My Hero', then they either say 'Dear Firefighter or Dear Officer'..

I asked both the boys if you could say anything to the hero's of 9/11 what would you say... These are their letters.

"Dear Officer,

Thank you for saving the people that almost lost their lives!

Super Guy"

"Dear Firefighter,

I love you! Thank you for saving people! Please save some more people! :-)

Boogie Man"

To all the first responders on that day and to all the men & women who have fought for our freedom, Our Family Thanks You!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Weekend In Pictures

Afternoon Thunderstorms! My favorite!! :-)

Pouring Rain!! :-)

Lots of Organizing, Printing, & Planning Going on. (Or also know as, just a typical day in my life!)

Reading, Watching a movie, playing and coloring/painting sure does wear my kiddos out! Nap Time!

Breaking up crab fights!

Going back for round 2!

Boogie Man's Painting!

Jelly Bean's Painting!