Thursday, October 24, 2013

Preschool ~ Letter A ~ Activities

Hi there! Today I thought I would share some preschool letter A activities with you.

1. Apple Graph - Ask everyone in your family which kind of apples they prefer to eat, red or green?Then you make a graph with everyone's name, and red and green apples on it. Then see which one is the winner. You could also do a taste testing beforehand!

2. Letter A Hunt - Go on a search throughout your school room to find letter A's. (They could be on posters, calendars, weather charts, etc.)
                                                        Here is an example:


So those are just a few ideas. I have these and more listed in my Letter A Preschool pack, you can download it for yourself HERE! Enjoy!

Here are some extras: Do-A-Dot Letter A & Play dough Mat Letter A


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