Monday, October 21, 2013

Random New Pictures

Here are some random pictures I've taken over the past few weeks...

My baby girl is scared of this picture, because of the "scary" sitting next to her. (She doesn't realize that is her big brother. How cute is that?)
Yarn and lots of it... I completely forgot to bring extra blankets for my kids, yet I remembered all my crocheting stuff. So I've been busy crocheting. (Seriously this yarn is soooo soft, I'm in love with it!)

Is it just me, or does it seem like she is getting bigger?

I swear it's like she grew up over night.

Not only did I forget blankets, I also forgot hats (I know, worst mom of the year award should go to me).. I had never crocheted a hat before, this was my first one, not bad if I do say so myself! It took me about 2 hours.

I talk a lot about my Hubby & his work, yet I've never showed any of it here, so I thought I would share this picture of a house he recently painted. I love the ceiling stain work he did here.

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