Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Curriculum, Curriculum, Curriculum

It's pretty much one of the first things people ask me, when they find out we are a homeschooling family, "What curriculum are you using?".

As you all know this was our first year, so we were trying out a few different ones to see which ones we like best.  And that is what i will normally tell people when they ask.

Now with our first year almost over (only 3 more months to go! How did that happen?!). I'm trying to get prepared, curriculum wise, for our next school year.

I want to order ahead of time and plan everything out ahead of time, that way this summer i wont have to do much. You know with the whole new baby coming and everything, i wont have much free time. And let's face it, after surviving the first year i'm going to need a bit of a break. 

I have this love/hate relationship with picking out curriculum.

On one side; i love ordering it and when it arrives i'm so excited to read through it all and get planning.

Then on the other side; i hate making the final decision on which one to pick (there are SO MANY choices), because what if it isn't as great as it seems. Curriculum isn't free and/or cheap. So if i were to buy one and completely HATE it, i'm pretty much stuck!

That is why, with our next school year, i'm still going to do the same thing. Order different ones from here and there. Except this time, i am more familiar with a lot of them, so the decision making process will be easier.

In fact I've already planned out which ones we're going to be using, all that's left to do is order them.

I'll update, once everything has been ordered and planned out, what our school year will look like next year!

And stay tuned for my reviews from this years curriculum picks.


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