Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Tot Pack {Free Printable}

Hi Everyone!!

Today i'm sharing with you a project I've been working on for awhile now.

Ever since it's debut on the Disney channel, my kids instantly fell in love with Sheriff Callie's Wild West.

The catchy songs, lovable characters, and good story lines keep them wanting more.

My 2 year old especially loves Sheriff Callie, so therefore i thought i would make a Sheriff Callie themed Tot Pack for her to work on.

Included in my Tot Pack is:

1 Pre-writing Page
1 Spot the difference page
1 Create your own sheriff badge
3 Matching card pages
2 Puzzle pages
3 Do-A-Dot pages

                                   Here she is working on the matching cards. She loved this!!

This was just my first attempt at creating a tot pack, so there are a few things i would change/do differently. But overall i'm happy with the end result and i hope you will be too!

You can download my Sheriff Callie Tot Pack for free HERE

I used clipart from HERE.


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