Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sibling Comparison {3 years old}

Hi Everyone!!

I thought i would be interesting to see what all my kiddos looked like at the age of 3 years old...

Super Guy @ 3 years old.

Boogie Man @ 3 years old.

Jelly Bean @ 3 years old.

I feel like you can definitely tell they are siblings! :-)

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Pregnancy *35 Weeks*

Hi Everyone!!

I'm 35 weeks pregnant!! Only 35 more days to go!! :-)

                                                    My belly has gotten huge!!!

35 Weeks


Baby is about the size of a Honeydew Melon.
Baby should be measuring over 18 inches long.
Baby should weigh about 5 1/4 pounds.


I'm still experiencing lots of; Heartburn, Braxton Hicks Contractions, and Back Pain. Also I've really been in the nesting stage lately.

Hopes for the week:

To get a lot of cleaning and organizing done.

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365 Pictures {#68-69}

Friday #68/365... Remember the Ultimate Homemakers Bundle i talked about a few weeks ago? Well, included in that bundle was this freebie (all i had to pay was a S&H fee of $3.00) and it finally arrived in the mail on Thursday! I'm so excited to try it out!

Saturday #69/365.... Setting a booby trap for her brothers..

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Cowgirl Party

Hi Everyone!!

Yesterday was Jelly Bean's 3rd birthday!!

Where has the time gone?!

Anyways.. I took way too many photos yesterday, 355 to be exact.. But i'm going to try not to overload you with photos, just the good stuff.

We went with a cowgirl/western/Sheriff Callie theme for her birthday seeing as she LOVES horses and the TV show Sheriff Callie.

Here is the table all decorated...

A close up shot of the table... You can see we had sheriff badges, boot mugs, and horse bubbles..

Happy Birthday banner..

The birthday girl in her new pink cowgirl hat.. The tiara on it lights up too!

Opening up her presents..

This horseshoe necklace was one of her gifts!

This pony was also one of her gifts..

All decked out.. (outfit change #1)

Pretty girl... (outfit change #2)

Handmade Cactus Pretzels.... (aka Pretzel rods dipped in green candy melts rolled in toasted coconut)

Animal cookies

So happy, i just lover her smile!

Toasted Smore's Pops (aka Marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in graham cracker crumbs.)

Hay Bale Treats (aka Rice Krispie Treats rolled in toasted coconut and tied together with licorice)

Horseshoe sugar cookies

The cake!

We filled a pool with sand and hid gold painted rocks in it, so the kids could mine for gold!

Playing horseshoes... (outfit change #3)

Playing horseshoes

I was able to catch her jumping from the hay bale.

She found a gold nugget!

So did her brother!

Gold nuggets for everyone!

Playing horseshoes

Sarsaparilla Surprise Milkshake... (Back-story: In one episode of the TV show Sheriff Callie's Wild West, they had Sarsaparilla Surprise Milkshakes, So i tried my best to recreate that.. I learned Sarsaparilla is similar to modern day root beer, so that's what this milkshake is...) Vanilla ice cream and root beer blended together and topped with whipped cream... Aren't the cow straws adorable?!

Ready and waiting for the water in their real pool to be warm enough to get into. (outfit change #4)

Birthday card from her Grandma and Grandpa.. It was a musical one, she absolutely LOVED it!

Candles are all blown out, ready to eat some cake. (outfit change #5)

It was such a great day and everyone had a wonderful time! I do wish she would slow down and stop growing up so fast though.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

365 Pictures {#58-66}

Hi Everyone!!

I'm still alive! Sorry i haven't posted anything lately, we've been busy working hard to finish up the school year. Here are my 365 pictures update.

Tuesday (May 6th)... #58/365.... My handsome Super Guy!

Wednesday (May 7th).... #59/365.... My handsome Boogie Man!

Thursday (May 8th)... #60/365... Cowboy Boot Mugs (For Jelly Bean's upcoming birthday)

Friday (May 9th).... #61/365.... I love craft supplies, isn't this hole punch awesome?!

Saturday (May 10th).... #62/365... Beautiful flowers for Mother's Day from my wonderful Hubby and kiddos!

Sunday (May 11th).... #63/365.... Yummy Chocolates for Mother's Day from Hubby and the kiddos! Seriously they spoiled me!!

Monday (May 12th).... #64/365... Cool clouds

Tuesday (May 13th)... #65/365.... My silly little girl!

Wednesday (May 14th).... #66/365.... Cute shoes Hubby bought for Jelly Bean.

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