Monday, June 16, 2014

365 Pictures {#96-98}

#96/365 - June 13th - Kiddos playing outside!

#97/365 - June 14th - Hubby holding up an early Father's Day gift we made for him!

#98/365 - June 15th - Hubby's Father's Day cake that i made for him!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

365 Pictures {#90-95}

#90/365 - June 7th - Super Guy riding his bike!

#91/365 - June 8th - Weird pregnancy craving! Homemade strawberry cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting filling and topped with a dark chocolate ganache. Mmmm, they were so yummy!

#92/365 - June 9th - Preggo Belly at 38 weeks!

#93/365 - June 10th - Had to borrow my son's Ninja Turtle earbuds because i couldn't find mine.

#94/365 - June 11th - Jelly Bean riding her bike!

#95/365 - June 12th - Boogie Man riding his bike!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

365 Pictures {#86-89}

#86/365 - June 3rd - Baby's crib is all ready to go!

#87/365 - June 4th - My hospital bag/diaper bag is almost all packed!

#88/365 - June 5th - Super Guy bought this Lego set with the birthday money his grandparents sent him!

#89/365 - June 6th - Boogie Man is having a hard time with the idea of me leaving him for any length of time to go to the hospital to have the baby, so he requested that i leave him with a picture of me. This is the picture i am going to leave him with.

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Ninjago Party

Hi Everyone!!

Monday was Super Guy's 9th Birthday!! He loves Lego Ninjago, so that is the theme we went with. Here are a few pictures from his birthday.

Decorations! All of them had to be handmade/printed off the computer because they don't sell Ninjago decorations at any stores.

Laughing at a birthday card!

Opening gifts!

9 years old! So handsome!

Sensei Wu beards

Excited to go to the race track!

Driving his own go cart!

Hubby and Boogie Man having some fun racing!

Lego men and lego bricks made of chocolate!

Brothers and Best Friends! :-)

This was the start of our "Ninja Obstacle Course". First you jump over these pool noodles.

Then you have to go through these without touching them.

Once you've done that, you have to cross over the pool!

And then you are officially a true Ninja!!

The kids all had fun taking down the obstacle course (once we were done with it)!

Cake Time!

It was such a fun filled day, and we got the seal of approval from Super Guy when he said it was "the best day ever"!!! :-)
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Boogie Man Kindergarten Graduation

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been while since I've posted anything, it's been difficult; being pregnant, homeschooling the kids, keeping up with household chores, and planning party after party.

Anyways, we had our last day of school on May 30th, which was also Boogie Man's Kindergarten Graduation!!

I still can't believe we made it through our first year of homeschooling!!! I'm so happy!

I also can't believe my baby boy will be in First Grade in the Fall! How did that happen?!

Here are some pictures of our Kindergarten Graduation Celebration!

Each kiddo got a gift for making through our first year of school and doing such excellent work! I'm so very proud of each of them!! We had a great first year of school and i'm excited to start school again with them in the Fall.

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365 Pictures {#71-85}

#71/365 - May 19th - Go Spurs!! (My favorite NBA team!)

#72/365 - May 20th - Fruit Pizza

#73/365 - May 21st - Dark clouds

#74/365 - May 22nd - Such long hair!!

#75/365 - May 23rd - I really hate having a bamboo tree in my backyard, they pop up all over the place.

#76/365 - May 24th - Kids playing!

#77/365 - May 25th - She takes up pretty much the whole bed!

#78/365 - May 26th - I filled in holes in the yard with dirt/soil and then planted seeds!

#79/365 - May 27th - Homemade glitter slime!

#80/365 - May 28th - Silly little munchkins!

#81/365 - May 29th - Helping Hubby spray paint her bike!

#82/365 - May 30th - Kindergarten Graduation!

#83/365 - May 31st -  A gift from my kids for teaching them for the year! (aren't they sweet?!)

#84/365 - June 1st - 37 Weeks Pregnant!!

#85/365 - June 2nd - Birthday boy! 9 years old!!!

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