Sunday, December 21, 2014

Why I've Stopped Caring About Our Christmas Tree

Or should the title read "Why I've stopped caring about the decorations on our Christmas Tree"?!

Anyways, I've always been THAT person... You know the one... The person that HAS to have all the decorations on their tree match. They also have to be evenly distributed around the tree (you can't forget about the back) and the colors, THAT person wouldn't dare mix red & green with blue & white!

I seriously used to cringe when my son would bring home a handmade ornament.. (I know, I know, worst Mom ever, right?) I wouldn't cringe because i didn't love it, cause believe me i still have all the handmade ornaments to this day, i truly adore them. I would cringe because it didn't match my tree! (I told you i was THAT person)

This year a change has come about in me. I'm no longer THAT person. In fact this year on our tree we only have 3 store bought ornaments and the rest are, you guessed it, handmade by my kiddos.

What caused this change? Well, i wish i could say i had some great "It's a Wonderful Life" moment, but that wouldn't be 100% truthful. This change is more or less from not having lots of stores around (we went to 3 different stores last weekend and none of them had any ornaments) and also due to the fact we left all our Christmas stuff back in a storage unit in Idaho.

I will say this though, i actually grown to like our tree this year. It took some time to adjust to not having all the "fancy" decorations, but I'm actually really liking it!

This *might* even be a new tradition of ours, no more store bought ornaments on our tree.

So take it from a former THAT person, we can change.

Just don't ask me to mix red & green lights with blue/white lights, SO NOT READY for that yet!

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