Monday, January 19, 2015

Unit Study Planner {Freebie}

We just started a new theme this week and although i had written it down weeks ago, i only came to realize yesterday that i didn't have anything i would need for this theme (i.e. no books, movies, activities, etc.). That's when i knew i needed some sort of planner to get things more organized, and so hopefully this won't happen to me again.

So i got right to work creating one. Check it out!

unit study planner 1

Now i'll have a place to write down;  theme ideas, books that would be needed for that theme, possible field trip ideas and also assignments to go along with it. (I also added some cute graphics to the brainstorming pages to get the creative juices flowing!)

unit study planner page 2

unit study planner page 3

Included in this planner are:
  • 4 Brainstorming Pages
  • 4 Reading List Pages
  • 2 Movie/Video List Pages
  • 4 Field Trip Pages
  • 7 Assignment Pages

You can download my Unit Study Planner, HERE

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