Friday, February 27, 2015

Let's Talk... Art Curriculum

Today is day 2 of my Let's Talk Curriculum posts and today i'm going to be talking about Art Curriculum...


Before you ask, Yes, i drew that picture above. I know it's not very good, as i don't really have an artsy bone in my body, and that is why i really need a good art curriculum for my kiddos. That way they won't be stuck drawing stick figures for the rest of their life. (Yes all my drawings of people are stick figures lol.)

Anywho, we started out using COAH World's Greatest Artist Vol. 1 and it's really not a bad curriculum. It teaches you a lot about the artist themselves. What i don't like about it, is the fact you have to purchase all the books that go along with it. She created the curriculum to go along with the books "Getting To Know The World's Greatest Artists..." by Mike Venezia. Each book is around $7 on Amazon and then the Henri Matisse one is almost impossible to get ahold of (unless you are willing to pay almost $40 for it!).

This is one of Super Guy's works of art when doing the World's Greatest Artist Vol. 1. I think he was recreating Starry Night, if i remember correctly.


We also have used the book "How to teach Art to Children" by Joy Evans, but i just wasn't feeling it and after a few lessons i put it away.

Right now we are using the Home Art Studio DVD's.

home art studio

We just started using them, so my thoughts on them are TBD.

Now, i'ts YOUR turn, what's your favorite Art Curriculum?
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