Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Looking back at our weekend

The past few days have been crazy busy for Our Family.

Saturday was Boogie Man's 7th Birthday!! The time sure has flown by, it feels like yesterday the doctors placed his tiny little body in my arms. Now he is a 7 year old little goofball, who is always making us laugh. Seriously though, he is such a sweet little boy. He only had 3 requests for his birthday.

They were:
  1. Pancakes for breakfast
  2. Subway for lunch
  3. A vanilla birthday cake with strawberry filling.
The boy loves food, what can i say. :-) All 3 of his requests were fulfilled.

Here he is showing off what he got on his birthday from his Auntie and Uncle. (He loves the Lego Movie)


He got a "Lego Movie" Lego set from his Grandma and Grandpa too!! (This was the first toy, the morning after his birthday, that he was playing with as soon as he woke up!)


After his birthday, we spent the next day cleaning up.

Then we had to take a road trip to Helena. It was fun, we got to do some shopping and eating out. Although, none of us are used to eating out at fast food places & restaurants, so we all ended up with horrible stomach aches. Which lead to a not so fun night in the hotel room. Other than that, it was a great time seeing the capital of our state. It does feels good to be back home though.

How was your weekend?
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