Tuesday, January 26, 2016

100th Day of School {2015/2016 School Year}

We did it!! We made it 100 days and with record timing for us too!! :) This is how we celebrated!!

We had been counting the days and finally we made it to 100!!...

I bought this from Oriental Trading Company for our first year of homeschooling and we have just ended up reusing it every year since then. The kids love it!

Then we had a 100 Lego building competition, to see what we can build with 100 Lego's...

After that we did a few fun worksheets and then we went on to making our 100 day hats...

Finally, it was time to make our famous "100 Day Stew". The kids each count out 100 of some yummy treat (M&M's, Mini Oreo's, Marshmallows, etc.) and then we mix it all together in a bowl. Then we enjoy eating it while watching a movie!

Our movie we picked this year was Hotel Transylvania 2. Which is a really great movie by the way!

And that was it for us and our 100 day party!! :)

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Top 10 Homeschool Freebies

Hi Everyone!!

If you've been reading my blog of any length of time, you should know by now how much i love free stuff!

Recently I've been finding really great homeschool freebies online and so today i thought i'd share them with you.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Homeschool Freebies:

1.) Team Nutrition - http://www.fns.usda.gov/tn/grow-it-try-it-it {On the left side of the screen, under Popular Topics, click Resource Order Form}

2.) Stamps - http://stamps.org/Stamps-Teach-Plus

3.) Nutrients For Life - https://www.nutrientsforlife.org/nutrients-life-store

4.) Toothbrushes - https://www.mykoolsmiles.com/dentallessonplans

5.) Science DVD's - http://www.hhmi.org/order

6.) T.A. Barron Gift Box - http://tabarron.com/contact/educator-gift-boxes/

7.) Milk Nutrition - http://milkdelivers.org/download-order

8.) Toothbrushes - http://www.colgate.com/en/us/oc/bright-smiles-bright-futures/program-materials/for-teachers/order-bsbf-program-kit

9.) Hot Wheels - http://www.hotwheels.com/en-us/speedometry.html

10.) Boxcar Children Fan Club - https://app.e2ma.net/app2/audience/signup/1769438/1352356/?v=a

I hope you enjoy these freebies as much as i do!!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cleaning Schedule {Freebie}

Hi Everyone!!

Lately i've been getting really behind on cleaning my house, so i decided to create a cleaning schedule.

I've written down all my daily tasks and then i split up the rooms, focusing on 1-2 rooms a day. You can download it for yourself, HERE.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

How I Saved My Family Over $200 a Month!

With moving, the holidays, and work not really picking up yet for Hubby, I've had to find ways to save and stretch our money.

I'm really happy to say that as of right now, with just a few changes, i am now saving my family over $200 a month!!

Here are my top 3 money savers!!

1.) Cell phone - That's right in a world where people are consistently attached to their phones i willingly gave mine up. Which has saved my family about $80 a month!! Instead of a cell phone i use a landline.

2.) Directv - Getting rid of this has saved my family about $140 a month!! Instead of Directv we now have Netflix which is only $8 a month.

3.) Paper Plates and Paper Towels - My kids would go through so many of each of these every day, so giving them up has truly saved us at least $50 a month!!  Instead of paper plates we use tin foil for things like sandwiches and snacks; and instead of paper towels we use real towels.

Those are my ways of saving my family money, if you have any tips i'd love to hear them!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Holidays

This post is way late, but better late than never right?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

It was really nice that we had moved back to Idaho before the holidays, although i did miss all of the snow in Montana, the light dusting we got here on Christmas Eve is nothing compared to the snow they get there.

We spent the holiday season with family, baking, eating and playing games. Poker has become a much requested game in our household. :)

The kids are all growing up so fast. The older boys took a martial arts class in December, they were so cute doing all their kicks and stuff. Jelly Bean also took a class in December, a gymnastics class. It was really adorable. Baby Boy is already a year and a half old, he is our little trouble maker, always getting into everything. But we can't imagine our life without him.

Life has just been busy, busy, busy lately. When is it not busy though? Especially with kids. Now that the holidays are over, things seem to be getting back to a normal pace. *Hopefully*

That's all for now, but make sure to check back often for more updates. In the meantime i'd love to hear from you, how was your holidays?

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