Friday, June 23, 2017

Cruz's 3rd Birthday


My little Threenager!!

What can i say about you on your birthday?!

You are just one amazingly awesome kiddo!

I love your personality, your mischievous smile, and your care free attitude.

And I'm totally blessed to be your Mommy!

This is what i posted about you on Facebook/Instagram today...

"My Cruz, 
You are 3 today buddy! 🎂 You are my wild and care free child. But i wouldn't want you any other way. I love you so very much Cruz! Happy Birthday baby! 😘😍🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉


I love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday Cruz!



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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our 4th Year of Homeschooling {2016/2017}


We completed our 4th year of homeschooling!

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at our 2016/2017 school year!

It was really pretty awesome going through all the pictures to create this blog post, i had forgotten how much stuff we did.

Here's a look back at all of the moments of our 4th year of homeschooling that i hadn't shared yet on the blog...

→We picked apples.

→We bobbed for apples

→We did science experiments with apples

→We did lots of creative art

→We tried drawing like how Michelangelo did the Sistine Chapel ceiling

→We gathered together at the dinning room table to listen to great read alouds while drawing and drinking hot chocolate.

→We jumped in leaf piles

→We played sports

→We got creative during Halloween time

→We went to the aquarium.

→We started the process of learning how to read!

→We built AWESOME Lego creations.

→We had a day where we built this HUGE fort/tent in the living room and laid in it while reading books all day.

→We multi-tasked. (holding the baby, while helping the kindergartner and the 3rd grader)

→We got up early so we could finish our work, so we could have a long winter/Christmas break!

→We spontaneously read books to each other.

→We wore these Santa hats for like a month!

→We played (and built an igloo) in the snow!

→We played board games with our family! (Cruz thinks reading directions is very important)

→We went to the zoo with our family!

→We made a sign for the baby because everyone loves touching him! (and by "we" i mean Samuel, he was trying to stop Dasean from touching the baby)

→We learned more and more songs on the piano! (Samuel and Dasean both know how to play 8 songs, Karina knows 5!)

→We painted yellow teeth white for dental week!

→We had a fun filled Dr. Seuss week! We made our own colorful socks, we wore hats to school one day, and we dressed in green in honor of "Green Eggs and Ham".

→We built bridges out of coins.

→We saved worms from an untimely death.

→We watched the trees come back to life!

→We went on nature walks.

→We played with bubbles in the backyard. (some of us without pants on)

→We had picnics in the backyard.

→We planted flowers.

→We ran around the school room naked. (and by "we" i mean a certain toddler)

→We made an edible cell model.

→We learned how to roll over, crawl, sit up, and stand. (by "we" i mean a certain baby)

→We tried to baby proof our work boxes, once above mentioned baby started crawling.

→But most importantly of all, we spent time together bonding as siblings.

→Karina graduated Kindergarten!

→And we all finished another year of homeschooling with smiles on our faces!

I hope you enjoyed looking back at our school year!

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