Friday, August 18, 2017

My Father's World {Curriculum Review}

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This year we are using My Father's World (MFW) curriculum for my 4th & 7th grader. This curriculum is new to us, so i thought i would share what we are liking about it and not really liking about it (also known as, a pro/con list).

Before i begin, i just want to say i am not affiliated with MFW, and that this is not a sponsored post. 

Now that we got that out of the way, lets move on.

We are using the Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum. (Picture below from MFW website)

 I ordered the deluxe package and i also ordered extra student sheets.

*The curriculum itself only comes with enough student sheets for 1 student, so you have to order extra for each additional student.* 

For my 7th grader i had to also order the 7th-8th grade required supplement. I also decided to go with their general science for him as well.

My total for all this was $681.83

Now that you know what curriculum we ordered, lets get into the pros & cons of it all.

I'll start with the Pros first....

#1. We love all the hands on activities & that there isn't much paperwork. Most of the student sheets have just been coloring pages so far.

Here Samuel mastered using only 4 colors to color the entire USA and not have the same color touching. He loved this brain game!

This was my version of a Coup Stick we did in art one day. You draw something major that happened over the past year (the birth of Lincoln was mine) and hang it on a stick (our stick was a ruler... work with what you got right?).

Here is Dasean with his Coup Stick...

Here are the passport's each kid gets, along with some Mexican pesos for our "trip" to Mexico.

#2. Lessons are short and simple. We can very easily get done with all this work in about 1 to 2 hours tops. Which is great for kids who don't like to sit still for very long.

#3. It all flows together. For example if you are studying Mexico for geography, then your science will be covering deserts, because Mexico has a large desert area. Then you will make some Mexican arts/crafts, and cook some tortillas, etc. etc. It all just flows well together.

Now i'll share with you my Cons...

#1. No/lacking teacher answer key.  I'm working towards having my children be more independent with their work. However, with this curriculum i pretty much have to be there with them when they do student sheets, because they have not included a teacher answer key.

#2. Price. Honestly, i knew what i was getting before i bought it, but i still feel like for that price (almost $700) it should have included EVERYTHING. I still had to buy separately for both my boys; Spelling, Math, Language Arts, and Vocabulary. (Not to mention extras like foreign language, piano, etc.)

#3. Labeling of sheets. Or should that say lack of labeling sheets. For example, on week 5 in my teacher's manual it said "Prepare Geography Game (see notes)". So i read the notes and they tell me the North America game board is included in the student sheets. That's great, i look through all the student sheets and i had the hardest time finding this magical game board. Why? Because it wasn't labeled. Now, up until this point they had everything in order, for example at the beginning of the student sheets was week 1's paperwork and then week 2's after that, and so on and so on. This game board was at the back of the student sheets, and it's just a map. No where on it does it say North America game board or anything like that. So for me this is a con, because it was frustrating and took awhile to figure it all out.

So, those are my Pros/Cons for MFW. If you are using MFW, leave me a comment and let me know what you like/dislike about them.

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