Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome Home!

He's back!!! :) Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!

Hubby arrived back home last night at 1:30 am, so technically this morning! We are so happy to have him back home safe and sound... Super Guy didn't even want to go to school this morning! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Grader

Today is the day, Summer is over for us and school started back up again.

The first day is always the hardest i think, after spending every day together for 3 months (even though he drives me crazy sometimes) you get used to hearing him play and all the noises he makes just fills the house up. Now coming back home after dropping him off, the house fells so empty and quite.

I'm excited for him to make some new friends and learn new and exciting things.

All ready for his first day!

He didn't want me to take his picture!

He is making his "put the camera away mom" face

I hope the day goes by fast, i can't wait to hear all about his first day of 1st grade!! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sweet Boy

I love love LOVE that my little man, asks me hundreds of times each day "Mommy am i your best friend?".... I always answer him with "for always and forever" :)

He also tells me hundreds of times each day "Mommy i love you".. :)

Doesn't get any better than that!

Wishing these moments could last forever :)
<3 love him <3

Random Cuteness For The Day!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly update 8-21/8-27

Sunday: Hubby and I, celebrated 8 years of marriage. The time has just flown by. We went out to dinner at Cool Hand Luke's, in Eagle. We ordered the steak nachos for an appetizer although it was super delicious, it was a lot of food, so most of it came with us in a box.. If you ever do eat there though, i do recommend ordering the strawberry lemonade, it was so good. :)

After dinner we took a little walk along the Eagle Greenbelt, it was a beautiful summer night. It was nice being able to talk to each other without having to yell over the children's noises.

Then we went to U-Swirl, which is a frozen yogurt place where you get to create your own.. It was delicious :) We had a great night and can't wait to spend some more time alone.. :)

Monday: We found out who Super Guy's first grade teacher is going to be.. He starts next Tuesday the 30th, Which reminds me that i really need to finish his back to school shopping.. How did the summer go by so fast without me noticing?!

Jelly Bean still gets up 3-4 times a night, i really to get her on a better sleep schedule, starting tomorrow... Hopefully it will work!


Tuesday: Boogie Man (as previously mentioned in my last blog post) is Fully Potty Trained!!! Couldn't be happier.... And Jelly Bean, took a 2 hour nap this morning!!!! WooHoo!!! That never happens, she has been strictly a cat napper, since she was born...


Wednesday: Hubby left for North Dakota. :( Tuesday night we found out that my Grandpa (who has lung cancer) was in the hospital due to his kidneys shutting down and low blood pressure, So we went and visited him.


Thursday: I did some back to school shopping cause Tuesday is getting closer and closer... Also Boogie Man is still doing amazing with the potty training, no accidents, still going poop in the potty (several times a day).. :)


Friday: I haven't been able to sleep much a night, but that's not because of Jelly Bean, she is doing awesome!! only waking up once a night!! Love her so much for that!!! Finished all the back to school shopping today, Super Guy picked out his backpack, and yep you guessed it, its Transformers!! :) Summer just flew by, but i'm really excited for him to start school again..

Saturday: We had a lazy day at home. Weekends are when we usually do stuff together as a family, so weekends are the hardest part of the week without Hubby.. Jelly Bean, is not really getting down the whole napping thing like i wanted her to, hopefully soon she will pick it up. Boogie Man is still doing great with the potty, no accidents at all!!! :)

The week flew by, next week should be a busy one for us, with Super Guy starting school and all, i'll try to find time to update the blog and of course i'll have to post pictures of him on his first day of school!! :)

My baby boy is growing up....

It all started about a month ago, he wanted to put his shoes on all by himself, no help what so ever.. Yeah sure there were a few times he put the right shoe on the left foot, but that didn't matter to him, he did it himself, he was a big boy and so proud of himself. :)

About 3-4 days ago, he started wanting to dress himself... No help from mommy or daddy.. All by himself... and Yes he put his underware on backwards and his pants too.. but he did it himself, and he was proud :)

And now the best thing of all, he wants to go poop in the potty!!! He hasn't pooped his pants in about a month now :) Just today, so far, he has gone poop in the potty 3 times!! :)

Sure, im kinda sad that my baby boy, wants to be so independent, and doesn't need his mommy anymore... But on the other hand, i am sooooooo PROUD of him!!

Love you Boogie Man, I'm so proud of you!! Keep up the good work little buddy!!! <3

Monday, August 8, 2011

Miss you

Hubby is out of town, so i was telling the boys this morning how much i miss him and Boogie Man says to me " I miss Grandma and Grandpa" and then Super Guy said " Me too, i wish we could go to their house" .... Aww they sure can say the sweetest things sometimes..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jelly Bean Playing

Jelly Bean loves to kick her feet to get the toys on her chair to move, :) It is so cute, so i decided to help her out :)

Boogie Man's New Haircut

Boogie Man's hair was getting pretty long (we like to keep it really short, we think it looks better on him) So today it was time for a haircut...

Before Pic: Taken Yesterday

After Pic: Taken Today

I just LOVE that smile of his and those brownish/greenish eyes :)

Super Guy's Basketball

So Super Guy started playing basketball last month, each week he has a practice and a game..

The name of his team is the Spurs! (yes i picked which team he is on, because i love the spurs!!)

Tonight he played against the Celtics... And even though they don't keep score, i think his team won yet again.. :)

Super Guy with the ball

Super Guy blocking

He is loving it and we are enjoying watching him play each week! :) I took some video's too, so i will post those tomorrow sometime.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jelly Bean & Us

The Snake

So a few month ago we saw a snake in the backyard, Hubby tried to grab it but it was too fast..

And then last week Hubby saw another snake in the backyard and this time he caught it. But Uncle Bobby let it go...

And now today while cleaning up the backyard Hubby found a snakes skin