Friday, February 10, 2017

Our Family Update

Hi Everyone!

It's been nice taking a break from blogging. In fact it's been so nice, that i'm surprised i'm sitting here typing this now.

Just a few weeks ago i was telling my Hubby that "i think i'm going to stop blogging".

I told him "i don't have a passion for it anymore", and that "i think i will just delete the whole blog".

Yet here i find myself, sitting in front of the computer typing this blog post, with my freshly printed 2017 blog planner by my side. (I use and love this one, in case you're interested 😉)

Why do i keep going back and forth on this? Why can't i just make up my mind to be done with blogging and be happy with that conclusion?

I joke with people recently that i'm going through a mid-life crisis. Maybe i am, maybe i'm not. I just know someday's i want to throw everything away and start fresh.

I don't want this blog to be something i just throw away during my "crisis" only to regret doing so once my "crisis" is over.

Yesterday was the first time in months that i even got on my computer to check out my blog, and honestly i like looking back and reading my old blog posts.

 I love that i have those memories of my kids saved forever on here, so with the click of a mouse i can revisit that one time Boogie Man fell in a puddle and started talking to a frog (if you don't know what i'm talking about you can read that blog post HERE), which is a moment in time i, in all honesty, probably would have forgot.

So I've decided i am going to continue blogging, but i am going to be making some changes in both  design and content.

Please bear with me as i work on redesigning the blog.

Thank you!