Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rainy Saturday in Minot

Yesterday we drove to Minot, to just get away from home for the day. The drive takes 2 hours each way, but is well worth it for all the shopping and restaurant's.

 It was raining (pouring actually) all day long. Which made the drive semi-difficult, it's hard to see when it is raining so heavy and to add the back splash from vehicles on top of that. I'm just glad we made it there and back home safe and sound.

Of course one of the first stops we had to make was Starbucks!! :-) Mmm, Carmel Mocha, Oh how I've missed you!!

And we had to stop at another one of my favorite stores, Staples!! Cause I'm an absolute office supply junkie and proud of it!! :-)

And what is this, Super Guy actually smiling on a long car ride!!! I know, I know, I'm as shocked as you are by this!! It just *might* have something to do with the next picture....

This picture should have the caption "Look what Daddy bought for me when Mommy wasn't looking!!"...

Because playing Angry Birds on the phone isn't enough, now they actually have the birds to throw around the house at things... Gee thanks for that Daddy!! J/K

It was actually a fun day for everyone. I got my coffee, My hubby got some new work clothes,
Super Guy & Boogie Man got their Angry Birds that they have been wanting and begging us to get them forever and Jelly Bean got a little baby doll.  :-)

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