Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Favorite School Supplies

Today I'm sharing with you all, my favorite school supplies. I love school/office supplies, I've been in love with them since I was very little. Pens, pencils, crayons, paper, whiteout, highlighters, etc. etc... I love them all!!

But no 2 crayons are created equally, same goes for pens and pencils.. So I thought I would share with you my favorites & why they are my favorites, seeing as I have lots of experience with buying & using different brands.

So here goes...

Favorite - Crayola. These are my favorite for the variety of colors they come in, plus they show up very well on all kinds of paper.

We have tried Dollar Store crayons, Crazy-Art crayons and other store brand crayons, but none of them match up with Crayola. Their colors either come out dull or they smear.

Dry Erase Markers
Favorite - Expo. The variety of colors are great, low odor, fine tip and wide tip's available.

We have tried others, but a lot of the time once you erase them you can still see what was written.

Paint Markers
Favorite - Do A Dot Art. Love the different colors they come in, easy for a toddler to hold on to, and  not messy.

We haven't tried any other brands, not sure any other brands exist.

Favorite - Dixon Ticonderoga. They write smooth, no smearing, and erase well.

We have tried store brands before, they smear and don't erase well.

Favorite - Bic Cristal Ball Pens Black or Blue. They don't clump, don't smear/smudge, and they write smooth. But whatever you do, do not buy the colorful ones, they clump & smudge really badly!!

We have tried lots of other brands of pens, they either clump or smudge.

Favorite - Elmer's. They hold strong and I love the convenient sticks.

Favorite - Scotch Thermal. Fast, Easy and affordable (under $30)!

So those are some of our favorite products. I really love Crayola's other products too, like their colored pencils, markers, and paints. And If you are looking for a good highlighter I would absolutely recommend Sharpie Accent Smear Guard!

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