Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Time 2013

Hi everyone!!! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! Hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy new year!!

Here are some pictures from Christmas Time at Our Family's house!

Cookies Galore!!

Jelly Bean opening a present on Christmas Eve.

Boogie Man's Christmas eve present! (He picked the one from Grandma cause "Grandma always gives the best gifts!")

Super Guy's Christmas eve present!

Matching jammies!! :-)

Trying to get 3 little ones to all smile at the same time is HARD.... Take 1!

Take 2! (Boogie Man is trying to teach his sister how to smile)

Take 3! (The smile lesson didn't work)

Take 4!

Take 5! (Seriously they still won't smile, time to recruit Hubby to make them laugh!)

Take 6! (Ok finally we are getting there!)

Take 7! (I have no idea what Hubby is doing behind me, but it's working!)

Take 8! (I'll settle for this one, although I wish Jelly Bean didn't have her fingers in her mouth)

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