Tuesday, November 18, 2014

4th Grade Reading List {Freebie}

Hi Everyone!!

As a homeschooler, i am in charge of EVERYTHING when it comes to my children's education. The thing i have struggled with lately is reading, more specifically them reading books that are at their level.

Sure we have bookshelves filled with books and yes we take trips to the local library, but what books should they be checking out? How do i know if this book is helping them develop (and continue to grow) their reading skills or holding them back for being too easy?

I spent hours searching the internet for book lists and i really couldn't find exactly what i was looking for.

So i decided to create my own.

And today i'm going to be sharing with you, my 4th grade reading list.

As you can see there are columns for each of the following:

Title (there are some blank spaces so you can add your own)
Read (check this box off once your child has read the book)
Own (if you own the book, check this box)
Library (if this is a library book, check this box)

My son takes this list to the library with him every time we go, and he can pick 1 book off the list and any other 1 book he wants.

You can download my 4th grade reading list for yourself, HERE.

Happy Reading!! :-)

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