Friday, September 6, 2013

First Full Week

Today we completed our first full week of school! (I'm not sure who Is more excited for the next 2 days off, me or the kids.)

Here is what the kids hopefully learned over the past week:

Both Boys
Diligence, each sound of all of the letters in the alphabet, the life of Vincent Van Gogh, what it was like to be a child in Colonial times, all about Connecticut, and how to say red*blue*yellow*green in Spanish.

Super Guy
Multiplication (all of the 0x0-10 & 1x0-10), segmenting sounds to make words, how to write in cursive (letters a, e, i, o, u, b, c, & d), all about Christopher Columbus, all about our nervous system and our 5 sense organs.

Boogie Man
Counting from 1-20, vowels vs. constants, sights words (a & the), and a basic review of the alphabet.

And here are some random of pictures of all that learning & playing happening!


As you can see we had a busy week full of learning!!! :-)

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