Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Remember 9/11

Yesterday I printed out some great worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers about 9/11. The pack of printables was called We Remember 911 for Little Learners, it includes writing & coloring pages.

Jelly Bean & Me did the coloring pages together, while both of the boys did a writing page.

The writing pages have a heading of 'You Are My Hero', then they either say 'Dear Firefighter or Dear Officer'..

I asked both the boys if you could say anything to the hero's of 9/11 what would you say... These are their letters.

"Dear Officer,

Thank you for saving the people that almost lost their lives!

Super Guy"

"Dear Firefighter,

I love you! Thank you for saving people! Please save some more people! :-)

Boogie Man"

To all the first responders on that day and to all the men & women who have fought for our freedom, Our Family Thanks You!!

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