Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goodbye, Stinky Face

When our first child was born we would read to him every night before bed. Then by the time our second child came along, we would miss several nights here and there. By the time our third child came along, bedtime stories were nothing but a distant memory.

We finally just started reading bedtime stories again a few months ago (pretty much ever since we moved to Montana). We do it, one-on-one, each night, either Hubby or I will read each kiddo a bedtime story (of their choosing).

Our 3 year old Daughter's favorite story, that she requests EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT., is "I Love You Stinky Face".

She even has it memorized (which came in handy one evening when both Hubby and I weren't feeling too well, and neither one of us was up for reading.). She even did all the dramatizations that i normally do, when i read it to her (like pretending to have Big Sharp Teeth for the Alligator part).

Then came December and i really wanted to read to her a Christmas story. I seriously had to fight her hard on this, cause she insists "Stinky Face" is the best book ever! Finally, i got her to agree to let me read her a new story.

I picked "God Gave Us Christmas" as the story to read to her and ever since the one night i read it to her, that has now been her new go-to book. It even took "Stinky Face"'s place underneath her pillow (that's where all my kiddos keep their books they love).


And now, "Stinky Face" is lost in a sea of many books...


Goodbye "Stinky Face", you will be missed!

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